What Do You Want From Me?

Hello minions!

Why? Because Science has been rather busy lately, what with my renewed resolve to take over the world. As those of my readers without ADHD will know, I’ve covered quite an impressive suite of subjects, mostly to do with the natural sciences.

In the pursuit of fresh mental fodder, I’ve asked many of my friends what they’d like me to write about and half of them couldn’t even say because they don’t read anything I post (bastards) and the other half came up with an assortment of rude and lascivious suggestions, including female ejaculation, farts and why people come up with such great (and bad) ideas when they’re drunk.


Since I don’t want my blog to become a top search result for lonely men looking for entertainment, I decided to forego the first topic and wrote about the second, which you can enjoy here: The Science of Farts: Yes, It’s a Thing. The last one I’m still conducting repeat human trials on.

My question for you, dear readers, is: what would you like to see me write about? Is there some natural phenomenon you’d like to better understand? Would you like a better explanation of some physical law? Or would you just like to hear me make more irreverent jokes and sexual references while describing something sciencey?

Here’s your opportunity to suggest a great topic and, as a reward for your contribution, I’ll provide my 23,000+ followers with a link to your own blog site! The virtual ether is the only place we enjoy our traffic.

If you’ve got a PHD in science, don’t be a troll and ask me to explain some super complicated theory or topic with lots of huge words in it in an effort to broadcast your immense IQ. The topic has got to be of interest to a lot of people, most of whom don’t necessarily have an advanced education.

Without further ado… FIRE AWAY!!