The Scientific Method in Memes


Internet Memes: A Definition… or Approximation Thereof

For those of you who don’t know what a meme is, it’s a kind of visual or graphical internet trend or fad. Each of the above pictures is commonly used to express some sort of humorous comment or quip. The veloceraptor, for example, is often referred to as ‘hypothesaurus’ or better still ‘philosoraptor’ and says things like: “If practice makes perfect, and nobody’s perfect, why practice?”

The white cat, on the other hand always looks clever while making really bad yet somehow funny science jokes such as (and this is the worst I could find): ” would’ve gotten you flowers, but I never botany.”

*insert tumble weed into the desolate wasteland that is your sense of humour*

So now, if you haven’t learnt something about the scientific method, you’ve found out what a meme is, which makes you just that little bit cooler in the eyes of your 15-year old niece.

Calling All Nerds: Lend Me Your Likes!

Like button FacebookSince the conception of social media sharing and networking, sites like Facebook, Twitter and the like have proliferated across the Internet like an outbreak of High School chlamydia. Aside from enabling you to stalk your office crush and remember your mom’s birthday, social media has become an exceptionally useful tool in helping dreams become reality and potentially profitable, too.

Why? Because Science is and always has been a labor of love and passion for me, and I’ve been fortunate enough to gather a tremendous following quite organically. Success, however, is no finite thing and so the next step has been the creation of WBS very own Facebook page, so that it can hopefully move to the next tier of success. Click on the following link to view it:

Ta-dah! Why? Because Science Facebook Page

Why Because Science

I need your help to achieve this success, but this can be a two-way relationship for us… If you take the time to check out the new WBS Facebook page and give it a hearty Facebook “Like,” I will personally thank you by recommending your blog to my 23,000 followers on the official WBS’ website page. All you have to do is (1) like the WBS Facebook page and (2) leave a comment under THIS post with your name and blog site. Please make sure the name you leave corresponds with your Facebook ID or else I won’t know it’s you. I’ll be publishing my appreciation on Wednesday 9th December and I’ll do it regardless of how pathetic the response.

If this all doesn’t work for you, here are three other reasons you might consider liking the new Why? Because Science Facebook page:

  1. You’ll get sexy servings of moist science in your box, I mean, in your inbox. Forget opening two illicit Internet windows at work – by liking this page, you’ll get frequent science updates on your Facebook wall, meaning you can spy on your ex and educate/entertain yourself at the same time!
  1. You can dilute the vapid updates and puke-worthy declarations of love of your Facebook “friends” with sexy, entertaining science news, blogs, funny pictures and holy-crap-did-you-see-that? videos. You can even impress your attractive colleague with your fantastic knowledge on trending science topics and maybe end up lucky like this guy…

funny nerd picture

  1. You’ll be helping me achieve the dream of someday publishing a book, because a large following on Facebook motivates publishers to take long-suffering science nerds like me seriously.

That is all, thank you!

Houston, We Have Facebook!

Funny space monkey

Today, I finally got around to doing the one thing anyone who wants to enjoy a modicum of success nowadays should do: I got #WBS its very own Facebook page.

Social media is at the heart of what any blogger does, because it’s how we get our drivel/genius out there. So, my dearest of minions… please check out this cooing, blubbering, amorphous lump of baby flesh that is WBS’ Facebook Page and like, share, comment and even add your own post – do your bit to make it famous so that it can grow up to be like its favourite (and very sexy) godmother: I F***ing Love Science!