The Lion Whisperer: Do NOT Try This on Safari!

This CBS documentary short is about animal behaviourist and “lion whisperer” Kevin Richardson who has managed to integrate himself into a pride of beautiful lions, including majestic full-grown males. He hugs their massive heads, scratches their chins and rough-and-tumbles with them like he is one of them and yet, displays no more fear than if he were playing with his own pet dogs.

It’s absolutely fascinating to watch and inspires feelings of “awww, I wish I could do that, too.” However, the pride’s aggressive reaction to the presence of the CBS film-makers serves as a precious reminder that these are wild animals and that Kevin’s affinity with the beasts is a very rare and hard-earned gift. Do NOT try this on safari!

Video Source: “Lion Whisperer” uploaded by Englishdomcom on YouTube channel