Bioluminescence Caught in the Act!

Just to add a little illustration to the recent TED Talks video post on bioluminescence, here are some pretty spectacular ocean creatures fluorescing under water!

Video Source: “Bioluminescence on Camera” by National Geographic on YouTube channel

Bioluminescence: Because Shining Out Your Butt Is Cool

I was going to write a blog post about bioluminescence – the ability of certain critters to create their own light – and then I came across this brilliant video by (who else?) the people behind TED Talks! If you are yet to spend the time you should be working skipping through the fathomless coffers of YouTube TED Talks, you haven’t lived, man. Check it out – you’ll find a handsome suite of live science and technology presentations given by people who, for scientists, actually have a personality and a sense of humour!

In this particular animated video, you’ll come to learn what bioluminescence is, why it’s a useful personality trait to have and how this special adaptation benefits the creature in question.

The brilliance of bioluminescence – Leslie Kenna

Video Source: Ted-Ed on YouTube channel Lesson by Leslie Kenna, narrated by Michelle Snow, animation by Cinematic Sweden