Sciencey LOL of the Week

… or perhaps not so sciencey, but funny (and true) nonetheless 🙂

Funny science picture_2

Author: Thea Beckman

Canadian born and South African raised, Thea Beckman AKA Wander Woman Thea, is an experienced travel, food, and wine writer and (amateur) photographer with a devastating love of all of the above. She is a travel bug, a bookworm, and mildly alarmed by how many arthropods she can be at once. When she’s not writing for a living and for pleasure, she enjoys bird-watching, reading, drinking wine, cooking, and SHORT walks on the beach because the summer southeasterly winds in Cape Town are a real bitch. Thea is the author of the book “Why? Because Science!” Facebook @WanderWomanThea Instagram @wander_woman_thea

10 thoughts on “Sciencey LOL of the Week”

  1. As I guy let me just say I think makeup makes women look like clowns with paint on their face. I’ve never seen a woman with makeup that looked better than without it. While it is true that at first glance their features may look more striking once you get up close they just have paint all over their face. Would you want to kiss a guy that had smears of something that came out of a factory all over his face?

    And that’s without even getting into self-mutilation.


    1. Well, my dear, I would agree that SOME girls take it way too far and that they are indeed more beautiful without make-up. But then there is the rest of the female population who do like to add a few accents here and there. In some cases, a dash of mascara, a dusting of rouge and some eye-liner can turn chewbacca into Mila Kunis. Trust me. If you saw me in the morning, you’d agree.

      I have actually kissed a guy who had smears of something that came out of a factory all over his face. But I’m working through that with my therapist.


  2. Haha! Your crack me up. I sux with make up now. It’s been so long and in between I don’t wear it, that when I do, I forget and my lovely outlined eye turns into a black pool of muck when I rub it. 👺


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