Sciencey LOL of the week # 2

Author: Thea Beckman

Canadian born and South African raised, Thea Beckman AKA Wander Woman Thea, is an experienced travel, food, and wine writer and (amateur) photographer with a devastating love of all of the above. She is a travel bug, a bookworm, and mildly alarmed by how many arthropods she can be at once. When she’s not writing for a living and for pleasure, she enjoys bird-watching, reading, drinking wine, cooking, and SHORT walks on the beach because the summer southeasterly winds in Cape Town are a real bitch. Thea is the author of the book “Why? Because Science!” Facebook @WanderWomanThea Instagram @wander_woman_thea

6 thoughts on “Sciencey LOL of the week # 2”

  1. I for one am proud that Pluto is not a planet, think about it, now our system has a beautiful arbitrary symmetry, 4 inner rocky planets, one busted old belt, four big gassy planets. (oh, and *all* this other sh!t flying around, some of it is so big it goes SPHEROID)

    And our moon is totally wack.


    1. Symmetry is indeed rare in the Universe. I suppose that getting used to the notion that Pluto is no longer a planet is like wrapping your mind around the fact that the Earth ISN’T flat… or that we AREN’T at the centre of the solar system. Age-old ideas are hard to dislodge. I grew up with pluto hanging on for dear life at the end of some crummy mobile I made for a school project. So I felt a transient sadness when NASA denounced its planetary title. What I’m sadder about is that planets nowadays get totally unimaginative names, like X-742340. And why haven’t we named our moon?? Jupiter’s moons has such rad names! Ganymede, Io, Europa, Callisto! And we call our single moon ‘moon’… that’s like calling your dog ‘dog’.


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